Menagerie Project – More Progress

This week I have been working on refining my sketches and rendered pieces.


This week I spent my time researching more character designs by David Colman and refining my rendered pieces of the main four elements. I hope to sketch out a few more before the end of next week.


For these pieces here, I wanted them to be stylistically similar. I tried keeping the drawing style the same throughout all four drawings, as well as my method of coloring. Another thing I wanted to “link” throughout all four was the glowing effect. The fire, water, wings, and petals all glow brighter than anything else in the frames, drawing your eye to them. Each of these things are obviously symbolic or even literal representations of the four elements.


For furthering my work, I want to expand into “energy”, “darkness”, and “crystal” elements. I want to sketch them out with a more creature-like complex rather than animal. Energy being something feral and out of control, Darkness being something solemn and unmoving, and Crystal being wise and tall.


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