Menagerie Project – Color Palettes

Creating a color scheme.

Fire- (Dark, muted reds and browns with a contrasting blue for the “hot” light)


Earth-(Dark and muted as well, browns and greys, with a high pink contrast for the glow)earth-paletteearth

Air- (Dark purples and greys with a light grey glow)air-paletteair

Water- (Dark muted blue to a saturated blue and grey for the glow)water-palettewater


For this week I also wanted to sketch out a few alternative character designs for the following elements-

  • Energy
  • Darkness
  • Crystal


So far, I have sketched out designs for each. Whether or not I keep or scrap them is to be determined-

Electricity- (An eel-dragon-like creature that generates volts of energy around its core. Color palette would muted yellows, greys, and bright white glows)electric

Darkness- (A bat with a shadow for a body, much like the Air hummingbird. Color palette dark purples and radiating blacks, bright purple highlights on fangs)darkness

Crystal- (Definitely my favorite. A hedgehog who’s body is composed of crystal clusters. Color palette being mid/muted reds and greys that grow into bright, saturated, and luminescent colors -undecided-)crystal



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