Habit Project – Final Week & Overview

In this post you will see my final week’s work as well as a compilation of all of my work for this project.

Final Pieces







With starting off with focusing on portraits and moving on to cat studies, I think I actually did learn a lot through the process of both takes. With the portraits, I learned a bit about Photoshop brushes and blending techniques, as well as how important lighting is to really make or break a portrait. I moved from doing portraiture to the cat studies because the portraits were becoming a little too difficult to keep up on. My one worry was that I wouldn’t be getting as much out of doing the cats as I did the portraits, BUT it turned out that I did learn a lot through doing the cats. I learned about painting hair digitally, which is something my human portraits actually lacked in quality. I’ve never been good at painting or even drawing hair, but through this I worked with all different types of hair since every cat I painted had different kinds of hair. Long, short, soft, coarse. I learned a technique that will surely help me in the future with painting anything soft or fuzzy, which is layers, layers, layers! To make these look realistic I have to segment the hair realistically and then work with each strand individually to make them flow in believable directions. I think the cats turned out 1000% better than I initially expected. Overall, through both portions of this project, I think I learned a lot of very helpful techniques that will aid me in the future.


Cat Studies




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