Habit Project – Change in Concept

Over this past week I’ve decided to change my focus for this project.

My original idea of just doing portraiture was way too time consuming, especially with finding models and also finding time to record myself drawing it. I haven’t been able to do them once a day which is was is required, so I am going to change my focus to something easier for me while I still get in the digital practice that I want. Instead of hassling my friends for their selfies, I’m going to do portraits of my cat. I see her every day and I’m constantly taking pictures of her so finding a reference will be much much MUCH easier for me. I’ll keep the work digital because that is the muscle I want to strengthen here whether I’m doing face portraiture or whatever. I also don’t think I will record myself drawing. Not only did that take even more time with editing the footage together, but it was stressful as well. I do like the collection I have now of portraits and the videos to go with them, and maybe I will do a few more, but they definitely did turn into mini projects rather than a daily habit.

Hopefully with this change not only will I be working on digital art skills but also feline anatomy, which is something that I’m very very bad at. I love cats but I can’t draw them to save my life. My cat is quite the character so hopefully by the end of this I’ll have a few interesting pieces to show.

I also plan on filling the gap that my first concept made on the amount of pieces I should have completed. I’ll begin doing one to two a day.


This is my cat, her name is Boner. She is a special needs black cat who is really soft. She is one of two cats currently living in the dorm, the other is named Hemingway and he is my roommate’s cat. I will probably do a few portraits of him as well.





Similarly to my other post, I will also add some inspiration pieces about this new concept. Again, I have a particular deviantart artist who has focused on animal portraits in the way that I want. These pieces are all very successful and very nice to look at, though they are rendered more fully that I will achieve in my work. The artist’s name is Johanna Tarkela and this is some of her work:



All of these pieces can be found on her DeviantArt page.


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