Habit Project – More Pieces

I have been continuing my daily portraits.

These are very similar to the ones I wrote about in my last post. The method is the same, using a friend as a reference, sketching them, blocking out color, then blending with a finer Photoshop brush.

Portrait 5


I’m trying to stay under an hour with these new pieces, as the others were getting kind of lengthy. This piece took just under an hour, so I am getting better at time management. Because I’m limiting my time more, the brush strokes are more noticeable and are a bit loser.

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You can view the speedpaint video for this one:


Portrait 6


The colors for this piece in particular are a bit less saturated, and very pale. Other than the contrast of the shirt, the colors remain very light. This is due mostly to the reference photo being pale and grainy.

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You can see the speedpaint video:


Portrait 7

This portrait took a bit longer than my other 2 on this post, it being just over an hour total. I tried to go for a more “painterly” effect with more control.


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You can watch the speedpaint video:



There is one portraiture artist that I keep in mind when doing these pieces. Their name is Sheridan Johns I know this artist from online through their Deviantart and Twitter accounts. They update their dA frequently and have done so for about 11 years. This artist focuses on digital portraiture. Their work is very impressive with their piece only being done in Photoshop CC, and yet their realism is impeccable. They even show their before during and afters like I’ve been showing here!


Some finished examples of their work:


(Sources for all images: dA~ Sheridan-J)


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