Habit Project – First Pieces Done

I have finalized my idea of doing portraits of other people once a day.

Portrait 1

I started off by, of course, painting myself first. Not only was it an easy way to start off, considering its my own face, but it was definitely a trial by error piece. I learned a few things about what to do and what not to do. This piece alone took a few hours, so I’ll definitely have to cut down on some of the fine tuning and overall rendering. Unfortunately since this was my first piece, I had not finalized the idea of recording my work so I do not have this piece recorded. I am still deciding whether or not to go back and rework it, this time recording the progress.

Portrait 1.png

I tried experimenting with different Photoshop brushes, which is something I don’t normally do. I generally just stick with the default flat brush. I definitely want these pieces to have bright, lively colors in the flesh tones, especially since I’m known to get dull and murky colors if I work with them for too long. This will help me stick to reality rather than what I think should be highlights and shadows.

Though I don’t have a video, I do have a before rendering and after rendering picture to compare the progress-

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Portrait 2

The second portrait I have was done in a similar manner, though this time done in only an hour or two:

Beautiful Dani Portrait

The progress pics going from line, to blocked color, to final is here:

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This time around I was able to record my screen so you can see a speedpaint of the entire thing! You can watch that video-


Portrait 3

Third Portrait is made in the same manner as the previous 2, this time taking even less time to complete.


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You can view the video here (DISCLAIMER: The song picked for this video was requested by the model):


Portrait 4


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Speedpaint video is



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