Habit Project – Portrait Concept

For this new project, I’m thinking about doing one portrait a day.

I once focused my digital work on realistic portraiture, and I would like to get back in touch with doing that again. I remember I would stay up all night so I could complete a portrait within a day. My most successful piece was probably my David Tennant drawing which was started and completed in one day-


Because I know I can produce this level of work at a moderately fast pace, I thought completing one quick portrait a day would be enough of a push for me. I want to focus on expression.

I have not yet decided on whether or not to make these “self” portraits or portraits of multiple different people. My senior portfolio in high school had a focus on self portraits, but I haven’t decided whether or not to revisit that or just go a whole different route.


(One of my senior portfolio pieces)

I want these pieces to be digital in oppose to traditional. I want to strengthen my digital realism skills. Most likely these pieces will not be as fully rendered as the David Tennant piece shown above, since even though it was completed in one sitting, it was still 6+ hours of work. These portraits will probably take from an hour to two hours a day.

Video Portion?

Another portion of this assignment that I can add is maybe recording myself drawing each portrait, which then would be sped up into a time lapse video. I’ve done this before and it turned out better than expected, and its not very difficult to record my screen. I would just have to remember to record once I start working on them.

You can view my previous time lapse video Here.


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