Pipeline Project – Final Product

This week we are finalizing our design and layout for the 2018 CCAD Major Project.

The Process Overview

The process was difficult, especially after considering the fact that the proposal we were given for this project was proposed as a joke. We definitely took that idea and ran with it, which at first we overshot a bit, and we had to reel back the line to make the idea a more doable project. Our basis, though, never changed. We were indeed in charge of creating a calendar. The challenge was to make it interesting, creative, and unique.

Over the weekend I was in charge of putting all of the numbers in the correct layout that we all agreed on working with. This design derived from the first design we had in mind, which was very basic. I created my own template to work with, adding my own dates and holidays by hand. I chose a color scheme for January and was planning on doing different colors for each month-

ccad calendar3

From here we decided to work a bit more stylized to bring some interest to the layout. We added faded shapes and offset numbers as well as implementing the CCAD colors-

Calendar John Davis

Finally, we decided to choose something simplistic, yet stepping away a little bit from the CCAD branding itself. Layout-wise we chose to keep the faded shapes behind a white number, making it have a “cutout” effect. The circle frame around the image itself adds a nice sense of style, even though its simple-

Calendar Final 1.png

Even though this is the final design, we still had to do a little bit of tweaking to make it just right. We changed the frame to match the color of the photo as well as the Major title (with an inner drop shadow added to make it look “cut out”). There’s a small strip of color on the bottom layout to unify the page. Drop shadows were added to the frame, the icon in the frame, and an inner drop shadow on the numbers to give it the “cut out” feel. More holidays were added thanks to Lewis,  and the Lunar cycle was added as well –


The Photographs

Our ideas for the photos involved different scenarios involving the artist and the major that they are a part of (an animator animating on a cintiq, or an illustrator creating their own world in their sketchbook). When we found working and scheduling with models difficult, we went from utilizing models and art props to focusing on the work space of the artist. The images imply the artist’s hand at work, even without showing someone working in frame. The focal point of each image is the artist’s desk, since almost every artist of any kind has a desk where they create their own art. Going from moderately clean to extremely messy, each desk embodies who the artist is and what work they put their heart into. A fun addition our group leader Danny had was to make these photos a bit of an “Eye Spy” book, where little references to CCAD were placed within the scene (like our mascot Palette, the owl cutouts in the mix of art supplies/mess on the desk).

The Layout & My Contribution

I was part of the design team. Our job was to work on the layout for the calendar. I went through all 12 months and edited each from the original layout. I had to make sure each month had the correct numbering, correct spacing, font and font size, and many more little technicalities to make it come together. I added holidays by hand, and even though I wanted to add the lunar cycle as well, the others didn’t seem that intent on including them. We had also initially wanted to add important CCAD calendar dates, but since we stepped away from CCAD branding, we dropped adding those dates altogether.

Towards the end of the project, I noticed a little bit of confusion beginning to grow within the design team group. There were definite leadership roles trying to come out of certain members, and when everyone was trying to take charge at once, it became a little hectic.. So hectic that even though I was given the assignment to create and edit the layout, and add and edit the dates for the 2018 calendar year, my part became irrelevant when another group member came to class with that work already done, telling the others to use his work and not mine. A lot of my efforts for this project remain unseen, as most of what I contributed was written over even after the final design decision was made and roles were given to everyone.

Another side note I would like to add is the contribution that Lewis was willing to give to this project even during his hardships. He still came to class every time he could and gave it his all, jumping in on the group discussions, sharing creative ideas and critical thoughts. He put in a lot of effort, especially within the last week of the project. He designed the Major icons by hand and had them ready for use in the layout on time. He also helped me with the layout design and overall motivation to get things done.


Overall, though I’m disappointed some of my major work was not included in the final, I still think the calendar turned out the best it could. The challenges we faced definitely taught me a thing or two about working with others in a serious environment, both good and not so good. I know that I can take charge of what needs to be done, and I can get it done by the time we need it, and I also learned that others may have a different idea about work flow and time efficiency.


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