Pipeline Project – Shifting Concept

After the first photoshoot, the group decided that a change in our original concept is due to change.

The first photoshoot was shot this weekend, and while I was not on the shooting team, we were told about some of the issues that arose. Our original concept revealed to be a little too vague to pull off a successful shoot and therefore a successful photograph. The trouble with coordinating models was also discussed..

The idea now is the limit our use of models, and rather focus on overall composition.

My personal input is to hint the student’s hand at work. For example:


For animation, instead of showing the student sitting at their tablet, show just a cintiq tablet with a screen (either on or off) that has a huge face mark on it and drool, suggesting that the student has fallen asleep while doing their work. The desk around it could be covered with pop bottles, energy drinks and chip bags. This shows the “environment” in which the animator works in.


To show a passage of time all that would need to be shot is of the tablet in the upright position, then slowly moving to the downright position, where the face mark can be seen.


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