Pipeline Project – The Major Months

As a collective we have decided on the name “12 Months and Counting”.

This week the Design group was in charge of sketching out calendar layouts, image composition, as well as coming up with some Major Month concepts.


Major Month Concepts

Animation: Photo of a kid dressed in sweats and a beanie, gripping their hand that clutches a tablet pen. OR a sequence of photos showing the process of the animation student working around the clock, starting off fine, but then gradually passing out grossly on their tablet. Also graphically playing with onion skinning.

Adgraph: A student cutting themselves going crazy because thats apparently something that happens to most adgraphs when they’re cutting out their pieces.

Fashion: A student standing back and looking at a mannequin that just has a scarf on, they’re thinking “perfect”.

Art History: A student in the library literally surrounded by books and computers, making the viewer think “…really?”

Fine Art: The “process” of their work. The artist doing something crazy, hanging from the ceiling.

Industrial Design: Student standing back and looking at a building, the design/architectural lines coming out of the building, suggesting this is the student’s “work”

Photography: ? Dark room shenanigans?

Illustration: A fantasy theme- illustrated background, a student coming out of it. OR a student creating the world around them, going from a white room photographed, to them drawing on the walls a brand new world.

Jewelry: ? Glassblowing shop/Jewelry shop ?

Comics: ? A story about the student in a comic strip ? (Spitball?)

Contemporary Crafts: ? Surrounded by cracked, wobbly, imperfect bowls and pots ? The ceramics room.

Interior Design: ? Cardboard mockups of work.. A room “built” from cardboard that a student created. Studio area?


Logo Design

We also had to think about Logo design. While I’m still thinking about each Major logo individually, this week I focused on sketching out a Group Logo.

Logo Design Concept - John Davis

I was thinking about a traditional “calendar” design for the overall group logo. Something simplified, but is recognizable as a calendar, with the group name being featured where the month title would go. A design attribute would be the Art sign that is very recognizable as a CCAD landmark, seeing that this is a CCAD calendar.


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