Pipeline Project – Calendar

The group I chose to work with for the Pipeline project is Danny McCallum‘s. The idea is to make a 12 month calendar for the year 2018 to represent each major that CCAD offers to their students.

ProjeCt CAlenDar:

There are 3 main groups working on the project. Marketing & Advertising, Photoshooting & Documentary, and Designers. I am in the Design group with 3 other students. I will be sketching out Calendar layout ideas, concept designs for the photos, and overall discussing the design of the end product.

This week we want to narrow down concept ideas for each major/month. What major goes with what month? What are some concepts for each photo?

An idea for animation (my major) would be someone gripping their wrist because their hand is cramping up, a tablet pen is being gripped in their fingers. Animated film posters would be in the background, they would be dressed like the stereotypical animator- beanie, hoodie, jeans. Looks tired. Kind of nerdy looking. In pain.

Class discussion:



The 12 majors:

  1. AdGraph
  2. Animation
  3. Art History
  4. Cinematic Arts
  5. Comics Narrative Practice
  6. Contemporary Crafts
  7. Fashion
  8. Fine Arts
  9. Illustration
  10. Industrial Design
  11. Interior Design
  12. Photography

Thinking about logos and detail designs… If each major could have their own icon or unifying design that varies from page to page, it could look nice as a whole. For example, this design would be on the Animation page (a wacom tablet pen that all animators use here). In the corner or behind the layout section of the calendar, faded. Probably not this design exactly but something minimalistic:

Animation concept

Illustration concept

Different types of calendars:

Image result for different types of calendars

Related image

Image result for different types of calendars


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