Pipeline Project – Proposal

For this project I’ve been really trying to think hard about what I could possibly propose… The one idea that I have that I can see being a successful group project is an animatic.

An animatic can be successful if you have the right group of people working on a good story. There needs to be a good sense of plot, good characters and character design, and a captivating story. The story itself is yet to be discussed, but an example story prompt is:

A young boy, age 4 wakes up in a glassy desert. There are multiple suns over him, as he is not of this earth.  He sits up as looks behind him, he had fallen on a pillow of sand, while all of his surroundings are made of hard, shiny glass… and massive crystals in the distance towering many feet above him. He’s confused, he looks around frantically, he finds very small footprints in the sand before him leading onto the glass. He follows them. He wanders in the direction of the footprints, looking under unturned clusters of crystal rock, looking for something. He peers behind a giant crystal shard jutting out of the ground, and he sees a very small rodent cowering in its shadows. It looks battered and bruised, and the most odd thing about it was that it had a small pair of wings, one being injured… He picks up the small animal and cradles it in his small arms, and they go off together looking for an answer to a question that no one has asked yet.

Concept art:


A good storyboard animatic can take a lot of people to successfully execute, and there are a lot of job role opportunities for those working on such a project.

Value Stream Mapping - Standard (1).png

The timeline for this project would go as thus:




The final animatic would include the short story from beginning to end, with its climax well executed and characters well thought of. The panels of the animatic would be well rendered, with clean lines and a monochromatic finish (light shading with a single accent color). There will be camera movement within the final animatic, as well as sound design. I would insist on advising the editing of the final piece, showing exactly what I have in mind for each edit.


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